James S. Vooght, Photographer

My love of photography started when I was really young and impressionable. My father was a consistent tinkerer and engineer who instilled a sense of curiosity of the world into me at that age. Coincidentally he had a Canon SLR that he would snap rolls of film with and then develop in a custom built darkroom in the attic of the home we lived in at the time. I am fairly certain that I ruined several epic images of his with opening the door to the dark room with "Hey Dad, what ya doin?" This led to my introduction into photography, partially because of my curiosity but also partly because if I understood the process of capturing a photo and developing the photo I would stop opening the door to the darkroom. Cunning my old man was.
As I got older and learned more about art and photography my father's Canon SLR was something that was always at my side through most of my life. If I wasn't taking photos; I was sketching or painting something. As an adult I began doing a deep dive into photography and in early 2000's I picked up a Fuji point and shoot digital camera with 2 megapixels of resolution. Eventually graduating to a Rebel XT DSLR.
By 2012 I had picked up a Rebel T3i and really started to explore my love for photography and composing images. That camera carried me through many adventures, many roadtrips, hikes, vacations, and occasionally at work. Photography has become my outlet over the years, and the adventures that I take with my camera are the things that help quiet the mind of the anxieties and stress of living in the complicated world we live in. Being able to find inspiration and beauty and be able to freeze that moment in time is one of the most special things I have ever been able to do. And I am glad that I can share all that with everyone on the Internet.
One of the other pasttimes that I have fallen into over the years that I love to do is share. I love to teach and share in my adventures with whomever would be interested, or give me 5 minutes of time to listen to me enthusiastically talk about what new photos that I had taken recently that I would be gushing over at the time.
This has led me to some fantastic opportunities in the process. Not only can you see me on my YouTube channel and Social media, but I have had the opportunity to display work in a local gallery, several local businesses, at Campmor in Paramus, NJ have been featured by Canon USA on their Social media, and my videos have been featured by Shutterbug.com.
So, now that I have typed your eyes out a little, let me Thank You for coming to my page and hope that you find an image or two (or more) that speak to you and instill the sense of curiosity that photography instilled in me at such a young age.
I am available for photography education, One on One sessions here through my website, and Guest Appearnaces on Blog/Vlog and Podcasts.

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